Thursday, September 10, 2009

Straight from Sin City to You!

Sam and I are bored. We went shopping last night. We are not going again tonight. Because we are just going to go broke doing that. I spent $200 on things that I didn't need. But wanted! Sam is coming over. And she is bringing over some makeup. Because we are that bored. We are going to play with makeup. I am going to make her over. She is going to make me over! I think the Fall TV season needs to begin already. At least then, I could park it in front of the TV.

Or maybe I should move. Because I tried to practice earlier. And my neighbors were not too happy about that! I live in a townhouse. My neighbors are pretty cool. Except when I want to practice my playing or singing. Then they get all hot on their soapbox! Next weekend when they have another stupid party, I am not going to be so understanding!

But that is it for this Thursday night. I am bored. So bored that I cleaned my house. Vacuumed, another thing the neighbors complained about! I was being too loud! I cleaned the place from top to bottom. And it is only after 8PM! UGH! What else can I do to pass the time? ~*Jels*~