Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Boss Man's Love Life

Seriously, I shouldn't know everything I know about my boss. But I do! He is so ridiculously in love with Los that it makes me want to laugh. Tomorrow she meets up with him in SF. She is performing for this meeting/partying thing that he is having.

The snag, they couldn't find a guitarist. I know that I met someone from SF. But I don't know where. I am thinking it was somewhere online. Hell, I can't remember. Maybe MySpace. Maybe LC. I should have checked MySpace. But it is too late now! We were going nuts trying to find a mariachi/flamenco style guitarist. Los is singing just with a guitarist. The boss is paying $2500, plus a hotel room, travel, and food. I almost wish I knew how to play. And that is just for a little rehearsal tomorrow and 4 hours total of play time!

Well, he moved heaven and earth and we found someone minutes ago. Who? Dr. Enzo! Funny that he is traveling from Boston for this! When he obviously doesn't need the money! I wonder who will do it next week. I am in charge of finding someone!!! I want to say everything stays the same. But the boss increased the pay to $3000! Damn girl, he LOVES you!

Yeah, and I also was comp-ing her wardrobe. He had his stylist pick out some things for her. A couple of dresses and shoes. Freakin' Christian Louboutin stilettos! 6 pairs!!! And he borrowed some expensive jewels. I about died when I saw the total price tag.

But you have to hand it to him. He is so not over her. And he is up-ing his game. Because her boss from NC is all into her. I personally think, she is kinda into him too. But don't say anything! They are both going to be at this thing. Let's see what happens.

I just wish I was there to see it go down in person. Because she had to try everything on, and Cole sent me some pics. Damn girl, she looks like a model. Those 2 men will be picking themselves up off of the ground when they see her. I'm not even going to say what Enzo is going to do. Probably kick himself in the butt for letting her go! I'm just saying. ~*Jels*~