Friday, September 4, 2009

Headed Home

The boss and I are headed home. We are on the jet. Who would have ever thought I would say that? On the jet. Not me! I really have to Thank Los for this job! And getting to travel on private jets!

I am only going to be home until Tuesday morning. Then my butt is flying commercial back home. Because the boss is staying in town. He has some big party/meeting thing. Los is going to be performing for it. 2 events, 1 Wed night, 1 Thurs night. How come I don't get to work those? Oh yeah, 'cause I am going to NC. Then I get to work the Vegas shows that she is performing in.

Yeah, the boss is still in love with her. No one wants to admit it. But my other boss, he knows it too! He said the only reason that my boss hires Los and comes up with these events is so that he can spend time with her. Bad news, her other boss, back east, is also in love with her. I think they have more in common.

Los is denial about both guys. But hell, they are freakin' millionaires/billionaires! Why the hell isn't she dating at least 1 of them? I need to talk to her. Talk some sense into that little head of hers. Baby she could have it made! Living it up high roller style! ~*Jels*~